Photo Shoot

Today my boss got me to watch the photo session for some dinner sets which will be launched by Dbhams by early of 2009. These photos will be used for the packaging and we must take it seriously because each items must look OK based on the standard & instruction from Dbhms, so we have no choice but to treat the dinnerset just like A list models.

I went to the studio which is located in AmbassadorMal-Koeningan on my own and met the factory’s CEO there. The CEO is a gorgeous 40something lady. I’m really impressed that this lady, who is also the owner of a big factory could be this humble to everybody.

When the photo shoot done she asked me to accompany her to have lunch at a cafe near the studio. We talked just like friends there. I couldn’t believe she already has 4 kids and the oldest one is my peer! She said that was the result of an early investment she made when she was 19 :)) Now all of her kids are abroad and she got these 10 puppies to accompany her & her hubby at home. Glad to know that in this crazy world still there is a nice rich lady like her 🙂


Back to the City

Can’t believe it’s friday again, means it was a week ago when I was excited to go back to my hometown to celebrate my sis’big day. I came back to this city on tuesday (21/10). It was happy 3 days spent with my beloved family. I finally met my 1year and 11 months nephew: baby max, he is so cute. His sister also start to talk a lot!

I was a proud aunt when Max called me “yi yi” 🙂 It was really hard to say good bye to these kids. I still keep their photos on my cellphone and every time I see it I feel like I can’t help myself to meet them again. So glad the small reception held at our home went well and so grateful I had that chance to gather with my family for the happy occasion 🙂

I Move On

You said we better take a break, that we might work it out. someday you’d make up your mind, perhaps be a better man. I believed you do will one day, but sorry,  that I just won’t stick around to wait for that day come.

I knew that I wasn’t  a  fool because I ever trusted you the most but I’d be a fool if I give up my faith, that I deserve much better than that~

Wedding Back @Home

I will be home this saturday to next tuesday to attend my big sister’s wedding. We will hold just a small reception at my home which will be attended by some relatives and close friends )

I wanna meet some old friends and feed the hungry inside me :p I’ve made up the list of foods I must eat there, and the most delicious food on earth: mom’s cook )

The most important thing of all is I wanna meet my cute lil nephew and niece. Sister Mei from Surabaya will bring them too, yipeee *jingkrak jingkrak*

Officially Ms.Quarter Century

24 was when I:

  • Quit the 1st job and get the 2nd job, moved out from my uncle’s home and lived on my own in Soenter
  • Quit the 2nd job again after 5 months for the 3rd job offered by my ex-boss and moved to Grogoel. Then I moved twice this year.
  • Learned that being healthy is priceless, damn you thanks to sakit maag& tipes. wtf
  • had the last celebration of his 27th bday& his grandma 88th bday. Despite the pain, I was glad I had done the best I could.
  • Found out a painful thing and I drown myself to more painful reality
  • Learned to accept and let go, Learning to fit my dreams together again

Many big “surprises” during my 24th, I wouldn’t complain as HE always know the best for me. I felt so grateful for having 25 years of life. Can’t wait to see what HE has in store for me. Every day is a new day! )

TQ Anung

As the notebook was ‘blanked’ and I had no idea what’s goin on with it even I have asked for clue from the experts like YZ and Anung. Considering YZ is miles miles away, yesterday through YM I decided to ask for help from Anung 🙂 It was my lucky day that Anung didn’t mind to help and he had time after the office hours because he had no class yesterday. He came and checked the notebook. The bad news is: it was not about the softwares, seems like there’s something wrong with the hardwares, the good news is: it’s still under warranty. So I have no choice but to bring it back to the store this weekend…oh no… T.T

Me, my cousin and Anung were about had dinner at Waroeng Kito. Then Anung suggested us to eat at warung steak which is not really far and I never eat there before. So we walked and Anung told me there’s a nice food court next to warung steak, which I never realized before even though I have been living there for about almost 6 months :p We talked and I was glad he came to help us. Anung even refused to be treated last night because he wished to be treated at tony roma’s instead of warung steak :p I can only say: Thank you Anung!

Be Happy, Please

I dedicate this nice song for the only person who has responsibility and power to make my life happy and meaningful: myself )


I cannot help you predict
Whether it will be useful to keep wishing hard
But I really cannot stand to see
A friend suffering so much for love

Love may not care about right or wrong
[But] at least it should make you happy and touched at heart

If he always opens his umbrella for someone else

Why should you wait for him in the rain?

[I] made coffee to warm your hands
Wishing to block the wind at the door of your heart
But you preferred to go for a walk on the streets
In the cold wind, your mind will get much clearer

You said you weren’t afraid of breaking up
Just feeling a little regret and sadness
Valentine’s Day is coming, [and you’re] left alone
Actually if [you] love the right person, every day will be Valentine’s Day

Happy breaking up, I wish you happiness
You can find a better [person]
[If you] don’t want to spend time in winter, [if your] fatigue is weighing [you] down
Then fly to the tropic islands for a swim

Happy breaking up, please be happy
Only after saying goodbye to the wrong [person] can you meet the right one
Leaving an old love is like riding a slow car
When [you’ve] seen it through, [your] heart will become clear and free

No one can wipe away another’s happiness
You swear that you will live life with a smile

You’re really much more beautiful when you’re confident