3 Months


I want to document all baby D’s milestones considering he is growing up so fast from this 3 months on. Bitter sweet cause I am going to miss my little baby that I brought from the hospital.

He became more friendly now. He smiles a lot. He amuses us by imitating our coos and expression.

It was really fun to see him laugh for the first time. His smiles, giggles, and laughs melt my heart.

I think his milk-drunk face is the cutest expression I have ever seen. I’m so grateful to be able to fully breastfeed him.

Me and hubby always amused and amazed to see him smile and giggles while sleeping, wondering what he is dreaming of.

He is so curious about his surrounding, especially when we took him for morning or afternoon walk.

He will smile when I greet him “good morning” and that is all I need to start the day. You do brighten up ur days baby D!