skinny loony

I have just realized that I lost my weight for 2kgs as this morning I could feel my pants didn’t fit well. This is a disaster for me. I have to gain more weight T.T

My sis keeps on pushing me to find what I want. It’s not that I’m not interested, but I’m afraid of letting go. So I don’t really take it personally. Just let it be the way it should. Be honest, I don’t believe there’s anyone fit me in this crazy world. I’m too simple, obviously not-a-drama-queen and simple is boring for some people. I won’t turn or change myself to be a complicated or sophisticated one just to impress anyone, I’m doing fine this way. Well, I guess there’s no harm, nothing to loose to give a try. Let’s see…


It must be just me…

Yesterday, me & my sis went to Plaza Indonesia. Met her friends again. That was pretty fun though I didn’t get what I was seeking for.

I went back home alone and sleep so tight last night. can someone tell me is it everynight really brighter than it was or it’s just me, I’m the only one who thinks so? Maybe it’s just me, yeah, of course… whatever…

CiaPPuccino & the king

Today is pretty important day for me. Yesterday before went back home, my manager & President director suddenly asked me to do presentation to welcome Brunei Royal family’s visit to our factory. It’s part of their formal visit to Indonesia.

I was surprised to get this task. It’s regular thing to do presentation in front of some buyers & society club. But this one is Royal Family. So I got cold feet since last night until this morning.

Thanks God everything’s done well. They have just left our company.

The prince & princess even asked me to take a photo together. My boss said “good job” and I’m so glad that I accept this challange.

The only silly thing I did today is to forget to use anything when i’ve realized I’m getting my period from today on. what a clumsy bi**h. Lucky I didn’t use white skirt.

Tq for guiding me through this day very well dear God.


bubbye day

I’ve been working here for 7 months, going 8. By today, one of our division’s senior staff will quit. He has been working for 11 years here. Amazing. Though my daily work has nothing to do with him, but I do feel lil bit sad that he leaves. He’s one of only two man in our division, other are desperado moms. A guy with good sense of humor when other “desperate housewives” at this division get mad ( and very annoying) just for their hormones changes. I dedicate this post for him.

So long, Pak Rama, Gbu & ur family, especially ur new born baby.

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Angel? u must be kidding me! :p


Copy-Paste postingan orang laen

::masa kecil::

waktu kecil mau jadi apa?
– Astronot! =))

Kesampean ngga?
– Obviously, nope

Pernah ke Paris?
– Blom, mao banget

Pernah jatuh dari tangga?
– Denger2 cerita pernah

Masa lalu yang paling indah buat kamu?
– childhood

Kalo bisa balik ke masa lalu, kamu mau
balik kemana?
– when I was a child

Pernah minum sampe mabuk?
– lom

Pernah dikhianatin temen?
– uhmm..dun think so..

Kalo bisa ketemu ama 1 orang dari masa
lalu, mo ketemu sapa?
– a Pho


Lagi dimana ?
– di kantor

Pengen kemana?
– ga kmana2

Lagi nungguin sesuatu?
– nunggu diusir boss

Udah kerja belum?
– lha, ini ngantor

Status skrg?
– maksud ne? status di kantor? kuli

Lagi kangen ngga?
– ma sapa dulu? ah, ga jelas nih ptnyaannya, payah… kangen sih bonyok, dd, cc

Apa yang kamu rasain sekarang?
– lafer!

Lagu yang kamu dengerin sekarang?
– unbelievable -c david

Pengen ngobrol ama siapa?
– mak, bapak, teteh, dd

Mau ngomongin apa?
– apa aja

Kira-kira mau call dia ngga abis ini?
– dia? sapa? mana gw tao

Dia bakal sms kamu ngga ya hari ini?
– dia sapa sih maksud ente? mana gw tofu..

::Masa depan::

Apa yang kamu lakukan besok pagi?
– ngantor pastinya

Mau sarapan apa?
– mana gw temfee

10 taun lagi kamu bakal seperti apa?
– seperti acia

Kamu bakal tinggal dimana?
– bumi pastinya

Siapa kira-kira jodoh kamu?
– yg pasti gendernya male

Kamu bakal punya mobil warna apa?
– uhmm apa yah… silver x

Pengen punya anak berapa?
– puppies or kitten? I don’t like em both seh


mau menikah?
– >26

terakhir kamu beribadah?
– doa bapa kami tiap pagi diitung ga? ;p

terakhir makan di resto?
– lufa

terakhir ke dokter gigi?
– ga inget

terakhir ngerasa bingung?
– gw lg bingung sih napa gaji gw ga naek2 wakaka…maruk

terakhir difoto?
– kemaren waktu farewell day

terakhir ketemu calon mertua?
– camer dari HK?

terakhir ngumpul sama temen2 kamu?
– lufa

terakhir dapet kado?
– lufaa juga


Today Export Manager generously let me accompany buyer from Netherlands to our factory shop. He let me accompany these people though there is a staff who in charge for their bussiness.  It’s really an honor for me. Thank u Mr.S *sobbing*

Surprisingly they were young and succeed, only the late of 20 & 30 something. As I heard from Export Department their selling for these 2 years is keep on increasing. Amazing. My buyers are nothing to compare then, although they are selling the exact same brand name. I asked a little bit questions regarding their marketing strategy, fascinating. I wish I had a boss like this. My boss, he’s nice, but obviously Marketing is not his real major, sorry boss I’m being honest here :p

And the second surprise is today I got new buyer from Hong Kong, Taiwanese that run business in Hong Kong and China. I really regret for not being fluent in Mandarin. I’m so grateful to get these great experiences. Guess today is my day *big grin*

Meet the friends

Yesterday was a nice weekend. At first, me & my sis prepared to go to Plaza Indonesia (as planned before). But on the way our plan was revised to Taman Anggrek (again) 🙂 At TA we met my sis’friends again. Finally I met Tedy *nice to meet u bro* ^^v
I bought nothing although lil bit tempted by many sales. I guess I’ve realized to treasure money much more than before 🙂 Although Plan A was cancelled, me & my sis still have plan go to Plaza Indonesia next week, can’t wait til Sunday come again ^^


My sis never back on Friday anymore. She gets extra money by being present for half a day on Saturday. So she comes back at Saturday afternoon. Saturday & Sunday are the best days for me. I can meet her and share a lot of things with her. I kinda get bored to live with my uncle (I guess my uncle will soon get bored of me too ^^!) I need my own space but dunno what to do. So, living with my uncle is still the best option for me at present. I’m grateful that my uncle let me stay at his house, but I realize that it’s not good to stay too long there. Maybe if I get anoter job I could move out. Hopefully. Have a blast weekend too everybody…


Jia You!

Things feel so different since I was so pissed off . I’ll try to keep Wacky Vin’s encouraging words:
Wacky Vin has left a new comment on your post:

This reminds me my first job. It was around 1998.I worked there for 2 years with same salary. Today I am earning 35 times more than what I was earning there, all because I learned something in my first job. Keep doing the good job, you will be there

If my boss can’t appreciate my work, maybe my next boss will
Tomorrow must be better!
Jia You!
Ahja2 Fighting! ^^v