Hello World~Emmy's here!

baby-emmyMy second sister, Sister Mei has given birth this morning in Soerabaya.  The baby girl is her third child.

Sister Mei took this picture and sent me MMS this morning  only 4 hours after the labor.  She even said she wanted to go home as soon as possible because she didn’t like to stay too long at the hospital and she knows her kids are waiting for her. What a super mom she is! 🙂

Welcome to Emmy,  my 3rd niece !:)


Bend it Like Beckham?

n597398964_1426707_2593770-cRobin’s 26th bday lunch @tawan-TA + some high school buddies+ futsal with E’s high schoolmates+ midnite dinner @Boen Oeng -Ploeit.

Good friends + good food = blast weekend for me 🙂