Saved by the Bell!

It was friday afternoon (28/3) when I got a phone call. I was on the way back to office. It was from my ex-boss. We say ‘hi and how are you’ talk to each other and he came to the part to ask me this question:

“do you still remember Mr.***? He’s looking for someone to help his business. I told him about you. Do you think you’d be interested to give a try?”

The guy he mentioned to me is my ex- company’s client. They handle this famous brand as one of their representative office in south east Asia. I must be out of my mind if I refuse this big offer. This phone call had made my day.

Last Saturday (29/3) I had this ‘friendly’ interview at Star bucks PS and finally made the good deal. The great day ended by watching “An Empress and the Warriors” with Ratna, my dear co-worker who had kindly took me to PS and took me home and had a good dinner at kwetiaw 99, yummiee… 🙂