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Changi Xmas Tree

So here the side story from my business visit to Spore yesterday.

I  brought my uncle’s digicam, but didn’t take any pic but few pics of spore showroom as requested by my boss. I couldn’t take any pic coz IT”S NOT a tour and nobody’s talking about taking pic there :p So when I was at airport I saw this huge purple xmas tree with angels surrounding it. I asked the design manager to help to snap one picture of me there. I seldom see huge xmas tree and always excited to see beautiful one (I wish one day to see the tree Angela ever showed me in NYC) So he snapped 3 times. I was excited. I don’t care about spore, I just want that xmas tree.

On the airplane I checked the camera and found nothing but images of the showroom I took. I guess that manager didn’t push the button correctly T.T hikz… kasian deh low..

About me:

Exhausted for yesterday’s business trip
I’m extremely sleepy & tired but gotta work T.T I look like a mess to office. Anyway, Singapore is a nice city country, I like it as I already thought I would.  One day I’ll be back to enjoy this city country again 🙂

Going nuts for buyer’s complaint
I like Singapore but I couldn’t enjoy it at all because our clients took me for sight seeing while talking about problems occur on our business, wakz!

I was picked up and taken around the city by using a very cool BMW (I felt like a lao ban niang there LoL) I met important clients like the executive steward of R*tz C*rlton & purchasing manager of S*ntosa Isl*nd. The city was nice, the car was nice, the food was nice, but the discussion was O_o

Get my legs “nyut2an”
I decided to use high-heels to meet the CEO & other important people. I did look ok, but I tortured my feet. I felt like wanna cry when our clients so excited to take me walked around the city. I love walking but I hate high heels, I hate high heels with my heart and soul T.T

Got tons of working stuff to do
That’s why I have to end up this post before my boss regrets his decision to trust me to visit spore LoL

Mi 1st Trip:SG

Dear Wince,

A very big welcome to Singapore.
We are pleased to inform that Leonard will be pick you and Mr.Ch*i up from our Changi International Airport.
Look forward to meeting you both.

Best regards,

For a country girl who will do her first trip, I’m quite excited. But for an employee who is trusted to represent her company for the first time I get my cold feet. Anyway, who knows this trip is my very 1st step to take to move out? well, hopefully! :p *doctor calls this statement as: hyperbole symptomp of a country girl*

I just hope thing will go well tomorrow 🙂 I guess not everybody knows how does it feel to make dream come true step by step. Will be a huge different when you have everything you desire in this life easily. Sometimes I’m so grateful to be this way, that I have to work hard on everything I want, so I treasure the result more. Who knows what will happen if only I can get whatever I want easily, perhaps I’d act like paris hilton kinda girl =p

Btw wedding party of BF’s bro is getting closer (on this sunday) I haven’t prepared for anything including what to wear and use on that big day O_o With my financial condition at present, buying a new skirt, new pair of shoes and bag is quite hard to do. I estimate I must go through this condition until this end of year for I have a plan to visit my 2nd sis who has just giving birth for her 2nd baby, it’s a baby boy, I’m an aunt of 2 cute babies now! I really would like to see these 2 lil creatures 🙂

Monkey Business

This morning at my boss’ office…

Boss: Do you have any plan on next tues, Nov 21?
Me: Nope, what’s goin on on that day?
Boss: I want you to go to Singapore
Me: What for?
Boss: It’s time for you to know more about our showroom & market there. Just for a day. You’ll go in the morning and will be back in the evening. Please check what stuff needed for this visit. You’ll be go there with that new manager. He wants to extent her visa there.
Me: Okay

It crossed my head that they get me there to accompany that new manager (who can’t speak neither English or Bahasa) or maybe they know I’m getting bored of what I’m doing here???
Well, no matter what is the reason, this gonna be my very first trip abroad for I never been anywhere abroad before…

Ciappucino uses to be country girl 🙂 She thought she’d be going no where until she has a bunch of money, thing she never has until today but she wishes she had 🙂

Game of life

Seeing a co-worker playing a kiddy game on her pc, I remember how me, my sisters & brother always got excited to play nintendo together. We often quarreled for deciding whose turn was next. It was a happy time. No worry in this life. No responsibility,  Life was so simple & free 🙂 I  thought growing up wouldn’t happen to us  until oneday my oldest sis left Indonesia and studied abroad. And then, my 2nd sis left too. Home felt empty since then. I felt weird the night I first slept alone in the room we used to share for 3.

That was the time I realized growing up is for everybody lives, you can’t avoid to deal with it. Even our nintendo must give up to Pl*ystation.

I wanna be a brave girl, dare to do what I want in this life. for example: Marv dare to leave her childhood dream and moved to USA, now she dare to leave USA and start a new chapter again somewhere else.

(Well, I dunno what’s the main point of this post for I’m confusing myself :p) Maybe I wanna be a fearless person to face challenges & changes in life. Thanks God I find many inspiring people like you all there 🙂