Story of Our Bun


I did the test on July 20, 2012, few weeks after returning from our family vacation to Bangkok. Still being haunted by the previous bitter experience called by blighted ovum, I asked hubby to take me for second opinion to another doctor just to confirm this time thing will be alright, i was so relieved to hear the doctor said the bun is there and the chance is 99 percent to have a healthy baby.

so am I ready to be a mom since then? No, I am excited but afraid at the same time thinking about the responsibility I’m gonna have and how our lives gonna change after his arrival. I wanna be a good wife and mom for the family, I bought tons of books and asked many well experienced friends and relatives since that, knowing this baby will arrive without a manual, so I have to find the information as much as I could.

I wrote down every development he made each month, The first move he made was on Oct 20, hubby also got the chance to feel his little kick from inside, we were in love with him already. despite of how many books you have read, how many information I have got to prepare myself for his arrival, I have to admit I will never be ready to be a perfect mom for him. I know tons of questions about how- and what-if inside my head will be answered once he arrives. it is what people called by learning by doing. And that learning process is not gonna be piece of cake.

Despite of how challenging and exciting is this new chapter in this mommaland , I wanna say: Thank you God for giving us the second chance to be a parents for this baby.