The End of an (diaper) Era

I always keep this in mind that the childs i am being with today will be one day older each day. They teach me to live at the moment, to treasure each moment because yesterday will only be memories and tomorrow will only be a hope. Enjoy each moment when we are together. 

Couple days ago Destin is officially diaper free. He’s been diaper free when he’s awake since he was 2yo and 3mos. We were a bit late to train him to be diaper free when he’s sleeping because we always postpone it day by day, thinking he would do it once he is ready to. And finally the day is coming. The last day we put on diaper on him. He told us from now on he doesn’t want to sleep with diaper on because it was itchy. So we let him sleep without diaper on and i took him for peeing in the middle of the night while he was sleeping. So he is peeing in the toilet while sleeping. That was much easier than i thought! 🙂


Journey called Life

I think I have to write about my health and parenting journey. So one day my kiddos can read and understand why and how i choose to go through this journey to be a vegan and gentle parents one day. Yes, I believe i will be a vegan one day but today i am still on the journey to be one since being a vegan and gentle parents are not a destination, but it is a journey.

This is also the journal i need to keep for myself to encourage myself to keep myself on the right track. Yes I still fail sometimes to control my appetite towards dairy based ice cream or cheese or eeg and perhaps grilled chicken. And i am not ashamed to admit it because once again, this is a journey and here is my journey.

Rene’s 1st Bday

It’s your birthday. How time flies, in a blink of eyes my lil baby turns one. Feels like yesterday when the nurse handed you to me and your brother cried outloud, didn’t want me to breastfeed you.


Happy very first birthday Rene, our daughter.

Mama, papa and hiahia destin are so grateful to have a daughter and sister like you. You complete our lil family.

May we are able to guide, share, lead, learn and grow together with you hand in hand, side by side.

Grow up healthy lil girl..and keep the unconditional happiness within you ❤