Dear Wince,

We thank you for your kind information of the changes by management as well as your departure which really sadden us.

Your conscientious effort & assistance rendered to us have always been greatly admired and appreciated.May we also take this opportunity to wish you all the best& success in your future endeavor.

Best regards,

Today is the last day to be part of this company where I’ve learned for exactly 2 years. The commissioner to president director to all the managers are nice. They are always nice to me. I get an envelope and a gift of one exclusive dinner set which my monthly salary here can’t afford :p Not every employee gets this privilege and treated this way on his/her last day of resign. I’m so lucky.

So glad that on the path of my life I ever be part of this company as my first job. Thank you, Sirs )


Adidaz For Free


My sister who worked in the shoes factory gave me a pair of these shoes. I saw these shoes few months ago, I liked it but got no money to buy it. The price is too expensive for a flat broke like me. kalo rezeki emang ga kemana :p

thank you, sister Bee!