Happy New Year!

2007 is coming! I’m so grateful for 2006. Many unpredictable good things have happened in 2006, such as:

  • I start to blog and I’m glad to know some new friends from it, nice to know you all! 🙂
  • I finally find someone….. 🙂
  • My sis gave birth to a baby boy
  • I went to Singapore, yeah..just for a day, but it’s free of charge :p
  • etc…

And some bad things remain the same: I’m still a forgetful lucy, clumsy + a world class procrastinator -_-!

And things I want in 2007 are:

  • Being healthier
  • Earning & Saving up more money
  • Visiting another interesting place
  • More alive & grateful for whatever I get

Hopefully 2007 brings more happiness & joy, full of blessings… and whatever we have to face in 2007 will define us to be a better person. Amen.

And let me wish you all:

Happy New Year 2007!


Merry Xmaz!

Talking about xmas, my family never celebrate xmas and no body is xtian in our family. So I never have had a xmas tree. But each year I always get a beautiful cherry blossom tree on xin cia day since my father is so talented to create such a beautiful fake cherry blossom tree 🙂

I would like to see a xmas tree standing right there at the corner of my home someday (and of course with bunch of presents below the tree, just for me hohoho…) Well, today is Dec 23, I’ll be back to office on Dec 26, before it’s too late:

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!