cloth diaper story

So glad that it’s been 3 weeks that Rene uses cloth diaper instead of disposable diaper. A small act i can do to reduce unrecycled garbage from my home.

My fav brand is blueberry and the second brand i use is charlie banana. I gotta say the best is blueberry with the bamboo insert.  Because blueberry is quite expensive i decided to mix with charlie banana which is cheaper than blueberry. So far their performance are great.

I handwash the clodis on my own and it’s not that scary to do it daily. I actually kind of enjoying it now. I got the bonus of natural vitamin D too from the sun when i hang the clodis every morning.  I hope i can keep on using clodi until the day my kids don’t need any diaper anymore.



31mos and 4mos

Destin loves her lil sister more than before. No more drama when he saw her nursing.


Rene is getting chubbier and cuter. She brings joy to our family. This lil girl is so attached to mama. She loves to smile and laugh at people , but don’t you ever try to carry her. Only her mama is allowed to carry her. She will burst to tears when people carry her and will stop to cry when she realizes it is me carry and holding her, she will make sure by looking at my face and give me that “mama is that you?”face.

I love to see them smile and laugh at each other. It is one of the best feeling ever to see them love each other. It is one of things that makes you realize that it is all worth it.