Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

This morning Mom called me to asked whether I will have gala dinner or not here because today is Moon Festival. I always miss the atmosphere of home, especially on the special day when a family should get-together. In my family we will be sending a box of moon cake to our relatives & friends. The box often be red. I don’t really like  moon cake, but this is a tradition & I really love the dinner on this day :p however, it’s sad to say there’s no special dinner because my uncle is a cina luntur doesn’t celebrate this kind of thing. Before I worked here I never knew Korean people also celebrate this event. They call this as “Chu Sok” or my boss said as: Korean Thanksgiving.

Btw, yesterday I went for a job interview again, thing I hate the most but I must do if I want to get a new job (thanks to cie Yen for the information & advice). The result I have to consider many things and seems like I have to keep on trying to find another. Jia You 🙂


My Girls are Coming!

Despite the fact that there are over eight million people on the island of Manhattan, there are times you still feel shipwrecked and alone. Times even the most resourceful survivor would feel the need to put a message in a bottle, or on an answering machine.


I’m one of the fans from S&TC tv serial. And the movie is undergoing production. Can’t wait to see Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte & Samantha again 🙂

Unexpected Gift

These few months I get additional job to help our CFO until he gets her secretary. He’s a new commisioner in our company as the right-hand man of our owner. The reason why he couldn’t find one until now is because he’s so selective about the qualification while our factory is pretty far from the city so no wonder he still got no secretary until today.

Actually things I gotta do to help him is easy things: help him composing & sending e-mails, translate documents or news from local newspaper, and sometimes help him to learn Bahasa Indonesia because he’s not fluent in Bahasa.

Most of my co-workers think he’s too strict and unfriendly because he seldom smile and talk to the Indonesian employees and always strict about everything he finds at each department. I used to think the same when he first arrived here. But since I helped him I found out he’s actually a nice man. He loved to share story about his family in Korea. And how he has the responsibility as the owner’s right-hand man. He’s in the end of 60s, got two sons who already married but his spirit to work is not fading. This is thing I seldom see.

This morning after helping him to compose an email and translating news he gave me a set of Korean facial skin care product. He even told her wife to get it. I’m surprised to know he’s could be that so nice. I think nobody would believe me if I told them this. What people say as don’t judge a book from its cover is sometimes right 🙂

The only problem from his gift is: there are 4 tubes which all of the instructions on them are using Korean character. And I hesitate to ask him because I think it’s inappropriate to do. So I don’t know how to use & what’s the function of each tube :p

Piggy Diary

During Ramadan the working hours in my office is switched, earlier to start & to end the work. Earlier to end up the work and get back to home is a very good idea, the problem is to begin the work earlier. That’s obviously not a good idea for the body clock of mine. I must arrived at office before 06.50 am. Actually I only need more 30 minutes, But even 30 minutes is so precious for a pig like me and I’d prefer to continue my sleep rather than wake up. So, I’m late again and again to work and I’m not quite sure I can be on time to office during this fasting month…*sigh* How long does it take until they realize I don’t really bring profit in this company? :p

Good Bye to Annita Roddick

Yes, she’s not my family but I’d like to dedicate this post for one of my most inspiring women. Annita Roddick reported passed away today. Besides I really love her product: The Body Shop, I also really admire the way she’s growing her business and how she concerns about social & environmental issue, which could be clearly seen from her campaigns: “Against Animal Testing”, “Support Community Trade ”, “ Defend Human Rights”, “Activate Self Esteem”, and “Save Our Planet”

“She was the first to introduce socially and environmentally responsible business onto the High Street and she was talking about fair trade long before it became a buzz word.”


If I’m not mistaken she ever came to Jakarta in 2006. If only I had chance the chance to see this inspiring woman myself… Good bye to one of most inspiring women I know.

Well, at least I still can dream to meet Oprah :p

Tas Kuwh :)

Can’t believe I’m posting something today as I’m so lazy for nothing recently :p I was tagged such a long time ago. To Willy :please forgive me for being sooo late in doing this :p So here’s what I got inside of my bag:


  1. a Purse
  2. a small pocket containing: flash disk, band-aid, mini nail clipper, mini mirror, lip balm & a pink liquid lipstick. The reason why I put those stuff because they sometimes needed when I don’t expect it.
  3. a double sides ‘piggy’ pocket containing gsm &cdma hand phones.
  4. an ipod nano and its cable, the only one of my best & useful gadget I own :p. It was a gift from bf on my 23rd bday last year. Not only so useful as time killer every time I have to trip tgr-jkt by shuttle bus, recently I’m also using it to give my student a “listening” subject.
  5. Paseo tissue, a thing I can’t live without
  6. balsem (in case masup angin, digigit nyamuk, semut dll :p)
  7. a mini pen
  8. a charger for my gsm mobile phone

That’s all I got, my homework’s done! 🙂