4 Months


Baby D is 4 mos and 3 weeks now. This baby is growing fast now that i may need to find the pause button! I packed all his “s” size clothes and changed them to “m” size. His diaper’s size also changed to “m” now. Sometimes I regret not taking so many pictures when he was a little newborn baby. I was too tired and injured after the c-sec and overwhelmed by the new mommy thingy. And now that little tiny baby suddenly turned to this cute funny baby.

His big milestone this month is being able to roll on his tummy. He even tries to roll on his sleep. It was so funny to see him roll and scream for help because he is still unable to roll back.

He is much aware of his surroundings now. Everything around him is more interesting that feeding time that I have to make sure to feed him in a quite place because he’s easily distracted by anything around him especially sounds. It is so funny to see how he’s so keypoh to recognize that there is something sounds weird around him.

He also started to recognize people. We brought him to pediatrician for vaccine couple days ago and for the very first time he stared at the doctor for awhile and then cried.

Yesterday he surprised me by being able to grab and play with toys that hanging on his bouncer and activity gym. And one of his new milestones is being able to suck his thumb to comfort himself. Not 3 or all fingers like before. Though it’s kinda cute to see him do that but I always prevent him to do it too long to avoid it become a habit.

He loves to babbling a lot now and I really enjoy our silly “conversation”. It’s easier to make him giggles and laugh now. I think his laughter is the best sound in the world that I always love to hear.

Thank you for the simple joys you’ve brought to us, baby D! Everyday I feel so grateful you are here with us.