Dear God,

Please let me get the chance though I know for sure if this one is not my turn then you have prepared the best one. Amen.

Sincerely yours,



Wierdo Inside

Finally my buyer hv left this factory. Every time they are coming to visit our factory I gotta accompany the GA all day long, he’s nice but he’s CEO is always requesting many sample & things to take and do, tiring of course but it was paid after last night my boss take us to have a dinner in a Korean rest around Lippo Krwci, the bebek peking tastes so good, yummy :p

Now it’s time to do my home work from Willy a.k.a Sakura Lady, sorry it takes few days coz I have no time to sit and type anything T.T

So, here is 6 wierd things about me:

1) I desperately need to rub my bed cover or bolster with soles of my feet before get to sleep, it feels sooo good that if I don’t do it I can’t sleep well

2) I don’t like noodle, especially ‘bakmie’ & soft drink. If you want to torture me, just feed me with ‘bakmi’ and ‘fanta’. If I really must eat ‘bakmi’ (such as when I have no choice) I will eat them by swallowing them quickly as if I’m at the second round of Fear Factor’s challenges.

3) I don’t like messy place & things. Not as freak as Monica on Friends serial, But annoying enough for my sisters. I dunno why I just can’t sleep if I know there’s something messy around me.

4) I’m so forgetful, as if I have short-term-memory-lost. I easily forget stuff I wanna do, including things I wanna say, therefore when I need an idea and something pop into my head I gotta say/write it out right away or I have to think and try so hard to remember it again T.T

5) I’m such a chicken for small&easy things, such as:

  • I don’t have the courage to cross the street, especially when it comes to a wide and 2 ways road. It always end up that people around me, including kids come and go passing me by and I’m standing like an idiot waiting for the road to be emptier
  • I’m afraid of puppy no matter how cute it is. I love to see puppy, puppies are sweet & smart. But I don’t know why this cute lil creature freaks me out although I’ve tried so hard to be brave, I always imagine they’ll bite me with their small teeth, silly isn’t it?
  • I can’t watch horror movie coz it freaks me all day long, that’s why I don’t watch horror movie at the cinema besides I can’t get this idea of spending money to freak ourselves :p

6) I have few weird physical abilities such as:

  • I can move my fingers backward until it touches the back side of my palm, it used to be all fingers but I seldom do it anymore and now only my left hand’s fingers can do it well, my friends said it is disgusting to see me do that.
  • I can move my ears up & downs, move the balls of my eyes like “jereng“, and some other wacky movements, and of course I’m not proud of them :p

Now I would like to tag other, but sorry if you already tagged by another people & have done this, just ignore it :p I want to tag: Marv, Anung & YZ & Satelite