Let me go hooomeee…

My boss has just signed my annual leave request form and told me he’ll be going back to Korea too with his family tomorrow for about 2 weeks. I believe he’s as happy as I’m :p I feel like wanna jump all around the corner every time I remember I’ll be home on this Saturday.

After 1 year and 7 months away from the coziest place in the world called by home of course I’m so excited. This is the longest time I’ve ever been away from home coz I used to get back twice a year in the past time. Since I work don’t have that chance anymore, I even have to give up to expensive ticket because this is high season, it’s Qing Ming Festival.


Not VB Wanna-Be :p

It takes many days for me considering about to let go my horrible long hair to get this medium short hair cut. I was so sick of my dry & partially–tend-to-be-red hair as remained colored hair in the past time. For now I’m not interested anymore to get my hair colored.

So there I went. It was so silly that my heart bumping as if I was gonna meet a dentist. I was not really sure to get a short hair cut after 5 years of getting used to have this long hair. Sat down on the chair and waiting while praying that the hair stylist would give me brand new look, of course the good one or she’d die coz I’d like to kill her.


And above is the result. I’m satisfied enough of my new look. Yesterday my CEO’s wife & our design manager ran into me and said I look fresher *blushing* I’d like to let my hair grow longer again later. Btw, I’ve learned that experimentation sometimes can be good. trying new color or new hair cut or whatever dealing with new look can be fun 🙂