Happy Kurimasu

Words can’t express how grateful I am in this year’s kurimasu 🙂


Christmas 2009

At this time last year I was so preoccupied by my personal matter that I did think that I missed the ‘giving season’.  Felt like this year things fall to the right place at the right time and I do feel so grateful. Last Monday I went to buy some xmas gift for people I love: Mom, check –  Dad, check – Sis B, check – Bro S, check – bf, check. The feeling of being able to share some (even just lil stuff) is really priceless 🙂

If last year I said “all I want for this xmas is new brain and new heart” then all I want for this xmas is thanking God for being so good all the time.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Things I Love about this December

  • The Christmas atmosphere here and there – happier mood everywhere
  • Mom’s coming to the city on this Saturday, along with Baby O
  • TGIF!  after the 2nd week, every friday is a public holiday- Friday is the new Saturday!
  • and not to mention, the year-end bonus

awesome, Yay!