Let Me Take a Break! :)

Holidayz coming, yippee… days I’ve been counting on to enjoy days without work. Though I have no special plan yet, but the holiday itself is already special for me. My uncle’s are goin’ to Bali for a week, Just imagining that I can sleep as long as I want in a such a calm house has made me feel excited haha…

*the moral of this story is: never let a niece like me stay at ur home :p


lucky number: 23

22 was when…

  • I just graduated from PR class, was worried about getting my dream job for living
  • I got my first job, tasting how the atmosphere of working at a korean company.
  • I learned to afford myself completely without financial support anymore. I also learned to treasure money much more than before and started to hate shopaholic… (Yes, I envy you all because you guys can buy whatever you want, I curse you all LoL)
  • It was the forth year of being single, I thought I wasn’t interested at this stuff at all.
  • I welcome my very first niece, Sherafin, a blessing in disguise in our family.
  • I thought about for going abroad for better life, every day without fail.
  • I found out bosses at work do appreciate me & what I’ve been doing so far, I figured out that I wasn’t that bad, there’s something I’m pretty good at in this life =p
  • In the forth year of being a happy single, I met someone 🙂
  • I was an unreligious girl who finally accept the existence of God and decided to learn to become His daughter.
  • I was trusted by my company to advance my career to buyer’s company but inevitably must miss the chance (I never regret that at all) =)

Today, I am a girl who has been granted to live 1 more year =)

Now, still a girl who tries to live to the fullest, be grateful for each days granted and trying to be a better person (a better daughter, sister, gf and friend) for all people I love. Amen =)


I got a news that my home will be renovated. My sister cancel her plan to go home by using her money for the renovation. I decided to do the same. I cancel my ticket too. We all cancel our plan to go to my hometown but we don’t really feel sad. Mom called me last night, she said our home is changing. I hope I can be home on the Chinese New year…I wanna see my home in its brand new look 🙂

And talking about brand new look I guess I need to get a hair cut, but I don’t have any idea at all.Anyway, happy Mid-autumn’s day! (despite the fact I don’t like mooncake :p)

Let me go home

I miss my luvly lil home. Last night I’ve booked 4 tickets to my hometown. Dated Oct 22,2006 which means 19 days ahead I’ll be home, leaving my uncle’s home, leaving that noisy-no-privacy-home and get back to my own house, the real home, gathering with people I love. Not only I’m going home with my sis, but also tedy is coming with us to my hometown. life is beautiful! Can’t wait for Oct 22!

Up date: this plan is cancelled 😦