eleven mos


walk around the house with this pinguin style, can even manage to speed up her walk whenever we try to catch her doing something naughty

start to imitate what people say. Some words she can say:  “papa..mama…koko…woof..woof… , meow…”

can’t stand still, especially when she saw her big brother is playing with other kids, she would try to join them.

A brave and happy energizer bunny. Mama just can’t believe you’ll be one in few days ahead



The one with Destin

3yo and 1m destin

conversation #1 was in the car when we were going out and not far away from home i don’t put Destin in his car seat. So he stood up instead of sat down and i told him to sit down.
D: why i have to sit down? because stand up is fun
M: i knew stand up on the car seems to be fun, however it is dangerous, you can bump your head.
D: so when you were little did you stand up on the car?
M: yes i did but then i bumped my head, that’s why i don’t want that to happen to you.
D: If i have celebrated many many birthdays and getting older i will scold the little you for standing up in the car.


Conversation #2

M: destin, mama wants to tell you that you are not our son…you are son of other people.
D: *hug me immediately* no mama..I want to be you and papa’s son.
M: why?
D: because you are so beautiful and papa is so handsome and dd rene is so beautiful.