The One with Director

I think I’ve got back my spirit again after those 2 weeks of feeling lack of enthusiasm of working.

Yesterday suprisingly my boss told me to come to his office and he said I should not feel dissapointed of missing a job at our buyer’s company. He said he is surely know how good I’ve been doing so far, not only him, but also our CEO.  He said: ” we all know how hard-working & smart you are, you must know that I hope one day you’ll seat in this position *pointing at his chair*, nothing is impossible you know as long as you are eager to do the best in your life, opportunities come from many sides
Wow, those are very encouraging words to say, but salary advance will be greatly appreciated 😀 That was the very first time my boss compliments me directly. I never thought I’m that good for him. I’m grateful he thinks that way. Now I’m more encouraged to do my best, at least until the time I gotta leave for better job 🙂

Btw, Seems like I gotta have a great days for I’m gonna accompany my bf to his friend’s wedding party. I never feel comfortable being in a wedding party actually, it doesn’t mean I hate a wedding party, but I never been to a enjoyable wedding. Bigger wedding party more I feel uncomfortable, weird isn’t it? However the thing to enjoy is to spend my sat night with my bf, precious time that rarely I could have 🙂


Mi Mom & Mi Dream

Tonight I’m gonna tell my mom that I didn’t get the job, well I’ve kept it for I’m afraid to make her feel dissapointed, although I know for sure she’ll definitely say nice thing like: ” it’s okay,honey…life’s unpredictable, you just keep on doing ur good job, I believe u deserve such a great opportunity next time”

I remember last year I had just graduated from PR class. Got a job offer from my college for a foreign company in the city, I went for the interview and found out that company was giving a nice salary. The problem was they were seeking for a receptionist& car call.That’s all. I said “NO, it’s not you!” but my sister said: “take it at least for a month, you need a job, you know how hard to get a job nowadays?”

I cursed myself for going to the interview, I hate that job, I didn’t want to be a receptionist, moreover a car call??? , Ok, I was 21 and believed to rule the world, LOL :p

Mom called and said: “it’s up to you, follow your heart” I said:”I don’t want this job, but sis was right, it comes to me, I should give a try, they also pay a good salary, moreover I’m tired of living with uncle, let me move out

So there I went, I moved out and the first day of orientation at that office I felt like my heart was broken. I went back to my room and called my sis & mom. I told them it was a big mistake to take that job, I didn’t wanna be a receptionist or moreover a carcall 😦  I shouldn’t waste my time to be a receptionist in this city, I didn’t care how much they pay me, but I wasn’t leaving my hometown to be a carcall/receptionist.

My sis said I shouldn’t think that way, My mom was the only person to support me not to take that job despite they were offering good salary. I said I was so worry to refuse a job when job was hard to find, so I told her I better give up and come back to my hometown. Mom convinced me: “life’s unpredictable, no one able to make sure which thing is possible or impossible, it’s out of our control. Just keep your faith. coming back to your hometown, don’t you think you’ve walked half away until today?”

So I refuse the job and I really believe things will be fine based on Mom’s words. I wonder what would happen today if only I decided to give up & come back to my hometown. I shouldn’t be here & what I am today. I’m glad mom is so understanding& supportive mother. The day I told her I wanted to give up & come back home like a chicken,  she said I shouldn’t, despite the fact that if I were home she wouldn’t be so lonely anymore. I wish to be a great daughter for her. I don’t care what kind of person I am for other people, but I better hurt myself rather than to make my mom’s heart broken. I hope one day I could make her proud of me. Everytime I tell her this, she’ll say: “you already do” that’s why I love her so 🙂

Be happy, that's all I need to do

I got confirmation that I don’t get the job. Mr.Park has just called to advise me this what he called by “bad news”. He said the reason why I don’t get the job is because the company has new management and the new vice president refuse the idea to make up representative office in Indonesia and in the end it means they don’t need to hire local people. Mr.Park said he regrets this decision as well as I did. Well, I totally understand his explanation. It is a bad news, but not the end of world for me. Thing gets me confused is now I’m asked to move from my current department to Export Department. Will this be a good idea? OMG, I even don’t know what to say or do now.

Waken Up Mi

This morning I’ve felt better than yesterday. Yesterday was a lousy day. I went to office and decided to go back home at the lunch break. My boss let me go as he got that I was sick for being too busy these few days. At home I ate and then slept for all day long.

Woken up alone in the room, I spent my day by thinking. I felt terrible yesterday, felt so alone and didn’t know what to do. It’s all about my life, my job and etc. Be honest, I’m lil bit confused of what should I do and what I really want recently. Negative thinking was crossing my head when I was sick. Was that because of being sick or because of PMSing *blaming on the hormones? I’m not quite sure 😦

I’m still waiting for confirmation from the company. But this morning I saw many job applications on my boss’desk. HRD staff said seems like someone will be picked to replace my current position, in case I’ll be hired by new company…wow, they are so sure bout that.

Well, instead of thinking and being stressed of what should I do or What I wanna do and kinda thing, I guess I better live my days happily. There should be a way for all of us. Just follow the path and live the best we can do, right? So this morning I tell my self to just move on. Marv’s right. Many people love me, though I live far away from them, I must be grateful that I’m not really alone in this world, there are people care for me. So, it’s time to wake up!

bad days

I’m unwell.

I think I’m mentally crashed down following my physical condition recently.

I’ve been sick for these few days: fever, cough, stomachache..I feel bad T.T and there is time when I feel the place where I stay now is not the place I love to be. I must admit I hate to stay with my uncle. I wish I could live somewhere else, not burdening other people. I miss my home, when there’s someone to be there when I was sick. Not someone to make me feel worse when I was sick.

Mom..Dad, I’m sick and I miss you all , I wanna be home just for a day,please…*sigh*

Bout the Job (again)

I had sore throat that has turned out to hacking cough, so unpleasant as I lost my voice and now my voice turns to granny mode T.T I also couldn’t sleep properly because of this fweeh…

Well, I’ve missed few days to write something. Such as: Seems like I got the job. People around me convince me that I am the one chosed but me myself not quite sure. Mr.Park called me last friday to ask whether I’m ready at anytime if  he asks me to go to Vietnam for a job training. I said I willing to do that. Are you kidding me? I’d love to!

Be honest, I’m lil bit worried, but as I know no pain no gain. Of course there will be no tickets for free to Vietnam or anywhere else without hard working 🙂 However this morning I got confirmation again from Mr.Park that I have to wait for few days ahead since he’s also waiting for Head Office’s confirmation. I ask for lil bit higer (kindly note:lil bit) salary from offered to me, I hope if they approve to hire me, they’ll also approve the amount I’ve asked for , Yes I need the money for sure :p

I wanna go home earlier today, to take a rest and get well soon. cya!

2nd round!

This morning I got news from that buyer’s company. They have chosen 2 candidates. and I’m one of them!

So they gave me a test to do and an hour to finish it. I’ve done my best and I’m glad that I’ve gone through things well, at least now all I have to do is just waiting for the result, so I call this as peaceful anxiety, it means I may feel lil bit worried, but I surely know I can do nothing for it and it’s out of my control, so I feel peaceful to know that I can do nothing but to accept after I’ve done my best 🙂 I totally realize that if I get the job it means higher & bigger responsibility. It doesn’t mean that I dare not to take, because I belive to get it means I’m ready for it. Well, let’s see 🙂