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Babies are born,not made;

Parents are made, not born

They said our life changed over one night once you deliver the baby. It is so true. Baby D has changed our life completely, he changes our life upside down in every aspects, he changes our priority and one thing for sure, he changes our lifestyle.

People said take your time before the baby arrived, that is also so true. I can’t remember if I ever have quality time with hubby, just the two of us, since baby D here. I’m so grateful that hubby is so understanding and helpful in taking care of baby D. Every little thing is new and challenging. I don’t think I can make it so far without his support as a team to raise baby D. I sometimes feel guilty not able to spend more time to take care of him anymore. I even can’t remember when was my last “me time”. Every time is “baby D time” now.

But one thing for sure, baby D arrival brings more love and joy to our family, and now we are so addicted to him that we can’t imagine our lives without him around. We love you so baby D!