Travel Fair

On our honeymoon trip, the airlines lost our luggage.  Though they finally managed to deliver it back  two days after that ,  I don’t wanna repeat that bad experience by decided to use cabin luggage size.  Yesterday hubby took me to the travel fair and I found there was Bag’s City stand *big grin* so I took this cabin baggage home after hubby said the one I chose before this one was obviously a low quality baggage *istri kikir chose the cheaper one before :)) * Can’t wait for another trip!


Post This Note

At some point I almost decided to stop blogging , however, looking back at things I have written all over the years was heartwarming actually, it brings back memories to my head which has a gold fish memory. So I decided to write again. I will also add some post I’ve missed before on some last year’s special occasions, just to make sure when I read them back I can always be as grateful as I am today 🙂