Where Were We

I was back to the reality city last afternoon. 4 days I’d spent at home obviously not enough for me. If I had 9 lives then 6 of them were left at home and it would take few days to get them back altogether.

I noticed many things have changed, not only the town but also people I used to know there. Most of my friends are mothers and fathers now. As If I was taking the time machine, meeting my high school pals and their new life while I was there still the same old person, a little speck from a small town with a big dream inside, one of things that keeps me alive, at least till today.



I’m counting down the days coz this saturday (13/02) I will be home for the CNY.  I really can’t wait to see my hometown, meet my family and friends after this almost 1.5 year and experience the CNY atmosphere again after these 5 years.

Black & White

There were days when I was so naïve and used to put people into two categories: bad people and good people. Then I grew up and realize that life is not always black and white. There were days that I learned nothing and no one is perfect in this life and I learned to stop judging people or categorize them into these narrow categories.
Sometimes I may never understand a person’s choices nor do I have to agree with them. But I do appreciate them by not being judgmental, trying my best to understand that life is a choice and everyone has their own stories.