the Secret

I’m not one of the fans of this book since I fell to sleep couple of times when  I read it, but I do believe that the universe can hear what we are expecting to happen in our life, that the secret is nothing but to believe in yourself.  I secretly still believe there is someone super smart, extraordinarily funny with great sense of humor, determined, knows what he want in this life and still be reliable. And I secretly believe in a soulmate,  a guy who would be equally mad about me, love me the way I am and need to be with me as much as I do. Every time we’re together, no matter what we end up doing, where we end up going–we always feel like it was the most amazing thing.

Despite of how cool & brave I’m to trust someone and back to the dating life recently, I gotta admit that the high hopes and open intentions that end up with disappointments that I’ve gone through for this crazy thing called love has made me secretly hate to put my best  effort and expectation on a relationship. I secretly hate it. I hate spending my time with someone, learn to know everything about him , like A-Z,  just to find out in what way he will be ticking me off,  in what way he will be breaking my heart, or letting me down.

But I have  made a decision some time ago to  believe in a sort of love karma. To believe that despite all my horrible luck in love so far, I would dismiss my fear and continue to keep up the big efforts and the ideals. Because it will pay off someday, with the discovery of a soulmate.

That helps.