The interview went well this morning. Even my boss looked curious. He said today I looked good (because today I did make up and wore better clothes haha..) I got into the room and everything just went well. Mr.Park even spoke some mandarin, cool. I only canΒ  answered him two short sentences in mandarin :p

So the result can only given in next week, because the boss in USA is being off from office until next week. I didn’t saw other candidates but people around here said they looked good and matured people. People at my factory didn’t know that I’m one of the candidate because my bosses told me to keep this as secret.

This afternoon I got request from Mr.Park to send my resume to his e-mail. I don’t know what that means for. good sign or means nothing. Well, Whatever it is, I’ve done my best today and I feel so glad I’ve gone through today well. Thank you once again for all of your supports πŸ™‚



I try not to pay too much attention that tomorrow I’ll have a job interview in this company, but this afternoon my boss called me to his room, I sat and he was talking about tomorrow’s interview, that the reason why he’s letting me go is for two points:

first: an advantage for our company, if our buyer’s inspector is coming from our factory’s staff it means a big advantage for our company, because they know who I am and know exactly how I’ve been doing so far

second: an advantage for myself, it’s a good chance for me to improve myself. not only better salary, but also better stepping stone for building up my carreer.

My boss said that I also don’t have to be worried, because if this buyer’s company don’t need me anymore, he’ll be ready to welcome me again. I even can choose any division I want to. After hearing his confirmation I said thank you to him, and then went to toilet, I closed the door and for the very first time I felt the fear. I didn’t know why I suddenly feel insecure. Not that fear of fail to get that job, but fear of leaving this job I’ve been doing quite good for almost 10 months and fear of accepting new complicated job and new boss that I’m not sure will be this good or not.

But then I realize I’ll be fine. If I get it means I can do it this good. If I don’t get it means it’s not my turn yet. So I cheered up myself and did thing as if nothing happened.

I got my boss’point. His saying ensures me to take this easy. No worry. I’ll do my best tomorrow, but I won’t push myself too hard. I’ll be fine no matter what’s the result. I might get the job and face a huge responsibility after that, or I might not get the job, then I can stay here with this nice boss and I do believe another better chance will come. So, nothing to loose, right?

I also get many courages from people around me. Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate that so much. I’ll let you know by tomorrow. wish me luck! πŸ™‚


I’m busy these few days, that’s why I didn’t update this blog for many days, fweeh..finally got a time to write a short news, good news! πŸ™‚

This morning, while being busy to take care shipment for my buyers, Export Manager called me to talk to him. I was quite surprised that he asked me whether I’m interested to join an interview next Tuesday for becoming one of biggest buyer’s staff. If I manage to get this position means I get bigger salary, I’m no longer part of this company, but I’m staff of this buyer and of course I’ll be responsible to new boss. So, It’s kinda new company & new job but at same place of working.

But I must note that other candidates are very qualified people, so my chance here must be very small. I’m happy but don’t wanna expect too much, so I don’t have to burst my own bubble later. Well, being trusted by my bosses & the CEO is an honor for me, it means from 1200 employees they choose me, a small potato to compete with more experienced candidates out there.

This afternoon I talked to my manager for his permission, he said yes I may try it. I felt a lil bit guilty if I have to leave him as I know present he got some problems in this division and he has been nice so far. Well, I believe thing will go fine. Hired by this company or that company, for me both are nice options. I even already planned to seek another job outside after my contract done. Well, let Him lead the way for me, whatever the result after I’ve done my best must be the best for me, gambatte! πŸ™‚


I’m so happy that tomorrow I’ll be off from office and going to have fun… well, after all these few days I’ve gone through I guess I deserve it :p

I accompanied Spore buyer’s GA and we had meeting all day long just for discussing some matters. And I finally met our owner, I shook hand with him and seemed like my director & the CEO of Spore were saying something about me to him, I mean a little bit nice introduction to the big boss, it’s like a “wow” to me. A small potato like me could meet the most important person in this company, which only come to this company once or twice a year, you may think:”what’s the big deal with it?” for me it’s the same to compare with meeting Orlando Bloom in a shopping center, seriously! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I was the only female to attend the meeting. I felt pretty proud of myself :pΒ  I guess I have a pretty balanced life. At office I’m pretty tough, impossible is nothing when I work. At home I’m siao ca-bo, spending my time for teasing children (my lil cousins). Toward my brother & sister& bf I’m me, sometimes I do like a girl to be protected :p I don’t mix everything, for examples: I won’t be childish in my office or being tough at home, I can be myself depend on the place & situation. So, I guess I’ve been doin good for the role in every aspect of mylife… *enough! :p
the conclusion is: I love my life, so I love myself = I’m a narciss.. :p Btw feels like I can’t get the Singlish out of my head T.T Have a great weekend everyone! πŸ™‚

Waiting and Meeting

My brother is in the town since last Saturday until this Sunday. Last Sunday we went to TA again to shop some stuff for him. At the same time I met BF. Well, we had good time but it just felt like a blink of eyes and “okay, time is up!” I felt like cinderella this way, always limited by time. But of course I know it’s worth the wait πŸ™‚

Btw, tomorrow the CEO & GM of our Spore’s buyer will visit our factory and this morning my boss asked me to join him to pick them up from the airport. I’ve never met this GM before but we’ve been emailing each other since the first time I work here. So I’m kinda curious what does he look like (as if I wanna meet my penpal haha :p Hopefully everything will go well tomorrow. Anyway, the most exciting thing today is when I asked permittion from my boss to be absent from office on this Saturday, he said yes with such a nice expression. Horraay…Loph ya boss! πŸ™‚