Beach Time

My sister is coming for vacation from Surabaya. Destin and rene are more than excited to welcome their cousins. We took them to the beach. It was Rene’s first time beach time. She just loves beach very much. She step on the sands and water with no hesitation.
The kids surely had great time there.

I always love to take my kids for outdoor activity. Never once we visit the mall without specific purpose. We never think malls are good place for kids to spend their time, the atmosphere in a mall is never good for kids, especially the junk foods and negativity from being too consumtive for mostly useless stuffs. At their age I want to introduce them to the nature and outdoor activities as much as possible. And yes, of course it is challenging here in this city where it is much easier to find a mall than nice outdoor spot to visit. That’s why i still i have this dream to live the life i want in a smaller and greener town. Who knows one day 🙂