Weekend With Mom

Saturday (22/11) I took Mom to ITCDuoManggo+ dim sum at HuangTing TA.

Sunday morning (23/11) Bandoeng trip: Tangkuban Perahu+Rumah Mode+2 reasonable t-shirts *yay!*



3 in a Row

I am still amazed how yesterday I could got not only 1, or 2 but I got these 3 job offers from a long lost friend, an ex-co worker and a friend of my aunt. I’m flattered that my ex-company offered me to join back their team and promised to adjust the salary. But I decided to refuse that offer for some reasons. I recently try to figure out what kind of life I really want and hopefully by end of this year I have visualized my next significant step.

Btw, this saturday (14/11) Mom’s coming after her short visit to my sis’ home in Surabaya. I gotta back to my uncle’s home by tomorrow so we can pick her up at the airport on Saturday morning. My mom has problem recently with her legs. We suggest her to check them while she’s here. I hope nothing is serious because this super granny is really restless!

JLo-Wanna be

I’ve joined aerobic & dance class for almost a month now with my 2 other friends, we never missed a class even when it was raining like cat and dog. I am so glad to join this class because it makes me somehow feel more confident. I love exercise! πŸ™‚

Re-Discovering "Me"


You knew you were just unwell when:

  • Weekend was coming and instead of being happy like you used to be, you felt blue.
  • You always love chocolate & ice cream, however, suddenly this amazing ‘chocolate devotion’ from ColdStone didn’t taste that good anymore. You lost your appetite.
  • You ever had this thought that some TV crews would show up and yell to you: “surprise!” or maybe “you just got punked” kinda thing. You wished this was just a joke and part of lame reality show.
  • When you went to sleep, everything was fine. When you woke up everything was like nightmare. You just wanna sleep and do nothing.
  • You played the same sad song: Track7:ζˆ‘δΈι… and Track10: ζœ€ι•·ηš„ι›»ε½± from abang JayChow again and again.
  • Everything reminds you: from the green jacket to red helmet you saw randomly on the way to office and back home.
  • You spaced out most of the time and say a lot of “huh, pardon me?

You know you will be fine and start being yourself again when:

  • You regret ‘chocolate devotion’ you’d wasted last time and plan to have one again πŸ™‚
  • Your friends are there, she didn’t mind to accompany you & even let you played the same sad songs of track 7 and 10 all over again in her car, didn’t mind to hear you repeating same craps, in conclusion: they are just there.
  • When you think you are down, you think again and you realize: “what the heck am I doing here?” and in a second you just get back to thing you do.
  • Recently you can hear your head plays “Lucky” (by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat). You enjoy love songs again even you’re not in love πŸ™‚
  • You recently sleep like a baby and wake up feeling grateful πŸ™‚