TQ Anung

As the notebook was ‘blanked’ and I had no idea what’s goin on with it even I have asked for clue from the experts like YZ and Anung. Considering YZ is miles miles away, yesterday through YM I decided to ask for help from Anung 🙂 It was my lucky day that Anung didn’t mind to help and he had time after the office hours because he had no class yesterday. He came and checked the notebook. The bad news is: it was not about the softwares, seems like there’s something wrong with the hardwares, the good news is: it’s still under warranty. So I have no choice but to bring it back to the store this weekend…oh no… T.T

Me, my cousin and Anung were about had dinner at Waroeng Kito. Then Anung suggested us to eat at warung steak which is not really far and I never eat there before. So we walked and Anung told me there’s a nice food court next to warung steak, which I never realized before even though I have been living there for about almost 6 months :p We talked and I was glad he came to help us. Anung even refused to be treated last night because he wished to be treated at tony roma’s instead of warung steak :p I can only say: Thank you Anung!


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