Photo Shoot

Today my boss got me to watch the photo session for some dinner sets which will be launched by Dbhams by early of 2009. These photos will be used for the packaging and we must take it seriously because each items must look OK based on the standard & instruction from Dbhms, so we have no choice but to treat the dinnerset just like A list models.

I went to the studio which is located in AmbassadorMal-Koeningan on my own and met the factory’s CEO there. The CEO is a gorgeous 40something lady. I’m really impressed that this lady, who is also the owner of a big factory could be this humble to everybody.

When the photo shoot done she asked me to accompany her to have lunch at a cafe near the studio. We talked just like friends there. I couldn’t believe she already has 4 kids and the oldest one is my peer! She said that was the result of an early investment she made when she was 19 :)) Now all of her kids are abroad and she got these 10 puppies to accompany her & her hubby at home. Glad to know that in this crazy world still there is a nice rich lady like her 🙂


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