Officially Ms.Quarter Century

24 was when I:

  • Quit the 1st job and get the 2nd job, moved out from my uncle’s home and lived on my own in Soenter
  • Quit the 2nd job again after 5 months for the 3rd job offered by my ex-boss and moved to Grogoel. Then I moved twice this year.
  • Learned that being healthy is priceless, damn you thanks to sakit maag& tipes. wtf
  • had the last celebration of his 27th bday& his grandma 88th bday. Despite the pain, I was glad I had done the best I could.
  • Found out a painful thing and I drown myself to more painful reality
  • Learned to accept and let go, Learning to fit my dreams together again

Many big “surprises” during my 24th, I wouldn’t complain as HE always know the best for me. I felt so grateful for having 25 years of life. Can’t wait to see what HE has in store for me. Every day is a new day! )