Be Happy, Please

I dedicate this nice song for the only person who has responsibility and power to make my life happy and meaningful: myself )


I cannot help you predict
Whether it will be useful to keep wishing hard
But I really cannot stand to see
A friend suffering so much for love

Love may not care about right or wrong
[But] at least it should make you happy and touched at heart

If he always opens his umbrella for someone else

Why should you wait for him in the rain?

[I] made coffee to warm your hands
Wishing to block the wind at the door of your heart
But you preferred to go for a walk on the streets
In the cold wind, your mind will get much clearer

You said you weren’t afraid of breaking up
Just feeling a little regret and sadness
Valentine’s Day is coming, [and you’re] left alone
Actually if [you] love the right person, every day will be Valentine’s Day

Happy breaking up, I wish you happiness
You can find a better [person]
[If you] don’t want to spend time in winter, [if your] fatigue is weighing [you] down
Then fly to the tropic islands for a swim

Happy breaking up, please be happy
Only after saying goodbye to the wrong [person] can you meet the right one
Leaving an old love is like riding a slow car
When [you’ve] seen it through, [your] heart will become clear and free

No one can wipe away another’s happiness
You swear that you will live life with a smile

You’re really much more beautiful when you’re confident


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