Piggy Diary

During Ramadan the working hours in my office is switched, earlier to start & to end the work. Earlier to end up the work and get back to home is a very good idea, the problem is to begin the work earlier. That’s obviously not a good idea for the body clock of mine. I must arrived at office before 06.50 am. Actually I only need more 30 minutes, But even 30 minutes is so precious for a pig like me and I’d prefer to continue my sleep rather than wake up. So, I’m late again and again to work and I’m not quite sure I can be on time to office during this fasting month…*sigh* How long does it take until they realize I don’t really bring profit in this company? :p


11 thoughts on “Piggy Diary

  1. Hi Cia … penyakit yang sama pada hampir semua orang niiih …
    gue juga males banget bangun pagi …
    but since I have to … bisa juga tuh badan dipaksa!!

    Dulu kantor jam 8 aja telat mulu … sekarang, mau ga mau kudu nyampe kantor jam 6, eeh, bisa looo!!

    hari Sabtu baru puas2in bangun siang 🙂

  2. @ anung & ariep: maap ya temen2 kuwh tercinta, ga bisa ikutan gathering, laen kali ajakin lagi yah, jangan kapok hehehe… *ketawa innocent*

    @ceemot: bend the rules itu kadang perlu ya cie :))

    @Epi & sakuralady: tos, of coz we need a good sleep ya :p

    @acen147: gw paling salud sama susi niy, telaten & organized 🙂

    @Litz: jadi di kantor lu cuma pulang awal? masuk spt biasa? wah…asik benerrr

    @luvly7: iya niy cie, musti malu sama yg ngantor jam 6 kek cie2 :))

  3. sampe kapanpun company gak bakal nyadar!
    kontribusi kita bagun pun mereka juga gak nyadar,….
    setelah kita resign,.. baru deh mereka nyadar,…
    mereka bisa jalan tanta kita,….ato mereka akan mohon-mohon kita untuk part time lah,..naik gaji lahhh

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