Unexpected Gift

These few months I get additional job to help our CFO until he gets her secretary. He’s a new commisioner in our company as the right-hand man of our owner. The reason why he couldn’t find one until now is because he’s so selective about the qualification while our factory is pretty far from the city so no wonder he still got no secretary until today.

Actually things I gotta do to help him is easy things: help him composing & sending e-mails, translate documents or news from local newspaper, and sometimes help him to learn Bahasa Indonesia because he’s not fluent in Bahasa.

Most of my co-workers think he’s too strict and unfriendly because he seldom smile and talk to the Indonesian employees and always strict about everything he finds at each department. I used to think the same when he first arrived here. But since I helped him I found out he’s actually a nice man. He loved to share story about his family in Korea. And how he has the responsibility as the owner’s right-hand man. He’s in the end of 60s, got two sons who already married but his spirit to work is not fading. This is thing I seldom see.

This morning after helping him to compose an email and translating news he gave me a set of Korean facial skin care product. He even told her wife to get it. I’m surprised to know he’s could be that so nice. I think nobody would believe me if I told them this. What people say as don’t judge a book from its cover is sometimes right πŸ™‚

The only problem from his gift is: there are 4 tubes which all of the instructions on them are using Korean character. And I hesitate to ask him because I think it’s inappropriate to do. So I don’t know how to use & what’s the function of each tube :p


10 thoughts on “Unexpected Gift

  1. * lapor hadirrrrr huauhahua * baru dipass ama elit, ditengah ke-crazy-an di sini = =’

    Waa seru seru… pake ini cia :
    temen setia buat translate tu huahuahua…
    Tapi ya kudu tulis yang di label ke sono si…

    Sini sini..menawarkan bantuan untuk salin tulisan dari label / cap apapun itu de ke softcopy hahaha… ntar artiinnya pelanΒ² πŸ˜€

    @ zet..
    Not hankoku laaa Han-geul (korean alphabet) or Hangugo (korean lang) loooo… huahuaa…
    * sempet2nya protes*

  2. @yz: thank u suggestionnya, I think I’ll try to ask another korean manager πŸ™‚

    @nattever: iya niy cie dsini juga boro2 kog, saking ga wajarnya ngasi2 hadiah sampe gw pake acara buru2 ngumpetin hehehe… tadi blom sempet ngutak ngatik merk apa niy soalnya kata empunya ga usah ketauan co-workers lain πŸ™‚

    @7ustm3: thank u ya infonya πŸ™‚ kebetulan gw uda perna make om google itu juga translate subject2 email yg kadang pake urup korea πŸ™‚
    tar mo minta tulung korean lain dulu terjemahin hangeul-na hehehe…
    btw justme nama aselinya opo sih? blajar hangugo juga ya? bole ni kapan2 minta diajarin hoho…

  3. hoho iyah..om goog emang manthap πŸ˜€
    Waa..betul betul..resource asli lebih terjamin dan terpercaya huahuahuahua…..

    hehee betoel betoel, seperti tebakan anda hehe daku tata kok… masi paling in loph ama Hangugo
    *kapan yak bisa ke sana hahaha*

  4. @7ustm3: kalo kesono ajak2 yak πŸ˜€

    @sakuralady: tQ wil, padahal bener lho gw ikhlas ga mengharapkan imbalan *halah…* :p

    @ceemot: iya niy cie, sayang bukan naik gaji kek epi :))

    @Anung: iya yah nung, kalo tau kan bisa request dulu dari awal :))

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