Good Bye to Annita Roddick

Yes, she’s not my family but I’d like to dedicate this post for one of my most inspiring women. Annita Roddick reported passed away today. Besides I really love her product: The Body Shop, I also really admire the way she’s growing her business and how she concerns about social & environmental issue, which could be clearly seen from her campaigns: “Against Animal Testing”, “Support Community Trade ”, “ Defend Human Rights”, “Activate Self Esteem”, and “Save Our Planet”

“She was the first to introduce socially and environmentally responsible business onto the High Street and she was talking about fair trade long before it became a buzz word.”


If I’m not mistaken she ever came to Jakarta in 2006. If only I had chance the chance to see this inspiring woman myself… Good bye to one of most inspiring women I know.

Well, at least I still can dream to meet Oprah :p


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