The one when it was time to sleep

Me : Good night Destin.. Remember mama always love you to the moon and back *kiss*

D: Why to the moon? you said moon is far far away right? I am afraid I can’t meet you again if you go that far.



10 mos Rene


Rene is officially in double digits. I need the pause button…my baby girl is growing up too fast. We are getting closer to her big one and I am not ready because i really love this lil easy baby girl.

This lil energizer bunny is so busy. She loves to climb up the stairs, following her brother and annoy him 😂

We believe she will soon able to walk on her own as now she is able to stand up on her own.

She starts to imitate our gestures. And she is also a good eater. She loves fruits and juice. I am so happy that her appetite is much better than her brother at her age. Mama is so blessed to have your hiahia and you my lil energizer bunny ❤

Brother and Sister Story


3yo Destin and 9mos Rene.

There was always only three of us at home when papa left for work. This scene happened when Destin wanted to poo and I left Rene alone in the room to help Destin. Rene cried of course when we leaved her alone. After he finished the business :

Me: Destin, hurry to the room and cheer Rene…you go tell her “don’t cry dd…hiahia is here to accompany you”.

Destin: don’t cry Rene…or hiahia will scold you…

Yes… they are brother and sister 😅😅😅

Nine mos Rene


She is 9 mos now. My lil tiny newborn is a 9 mos baby. How time flies…please don’t grow up to fast my baby girl.

She is a pro in cruising around the house. Standing up on her own for few seconds and start to imitate some gestures like waving bye bye.


She does not need warm water anymore for bathing. And also no longer using her baby bathtub. She loves to take bath with her brother hiahia Destin. She found it super fun to splash the water.


This lil ms. curious also super curious at toys that being played by her brother. The best part is we don’t have to buy her new toys since we already have some from Destin. But Destin often feel annoyed by her baby sister when she insisted to grab the toys he is playing. But there are also times when destin are willing to share with her.  And it is so heartwarming to see they two play together.


She loves to see us eating and will be super excited to try whatever we eat. But she hates baby foods. So I let her eat with us by giving her small bites of fruits or unseasoned meals i cooked for us at home.

She is also able to climb up the stairs and will show us this happy face as if she wants to say “see i did it” 😂 This lil ms.curious is our lil energizer bunny ❤

Littleman turns 3!

Dear Destin,


Today,  3 years ago you made us parents, you changed our life, you filled our hearts. You are the super glue that sticks our family together. You are our life guru that teaches us the real meaning of life, to see and cherish life the way we never knew before.

May we able to raise and guide you, to learn and grow right alongside you , to go through this journey called life.
Happy 3rd birthday our little son-shine. Thank you for making us the happiest and fullfilled parents ❤






Two was when you…

Welcomed your baby sister, Rene, adapting with big change of life that you were no longer the center of our attention. We realize it should be no piece of cake for you to adjust with this new chapter. Until now you still on this hate and love relationship with baby Rene..but it’s ok because i think you are doing great and i believe you’ll be a great brother for her.

Being diaper-free (except for night sleeping time). You did it very well. Mama is so proud of you.

Being weaned from breastfeeding. This was bitter sweet moment that i will never forget for the rest of my life. So glad that i am able to breastfeed you that so long and wean you with love.

Starts to question every thing. when i say every thing i mean every single thing. you will keep on asking us what-how and why on every thing. You are Mr. super duper curious.


2 big changes you have to adapt when you were 2 years old: sharing our love with your lil sister and let go your fav breastfeeding time. The truth is I am the one that missing you so bad.

It was bitter and sweet moment for me and your papa to watch you and Rene growing up day by day, knowing that one day there will be time we have to let you& Rene go ,taking step toward being good adult. Until that day come we hope we are able to guide you, be your shelter and be your best friends to walk and grow with you and Rene.

Happy Third birthday my little sonshine. You will always be my little man. Mama and papa love you so much.

New Bike

Papa decided it’s the time for Destin to get his new bike. Destin was so excited for the bell on this new bike. He can’t wait to ride it outside with papa in the sport stadion because he saw many peopy were biking there last time he went there to watch soccer match.

He said: “papa, you ride yours and i will ride mine..ok?” 🙂


Hometown Trip 2016

(12.02) This is our annual hometown trip. This is the first time for baby rene to take airplane and go to pontianak. So glad destin is always being cooperative when dealing with airplane trips, so does Rene.

At the first night Destin started to ask when will we go back home because he wants to sleep at his room. His papa told him we are having vacation here and will not going back to jakarta in few days. He cried but then fell to sleep. In the morning when i took him to poo he had this very concerned face and asked me:
D: “mama is that true we won’t be able to go back home?”
M: “of course we can go back home”
D: “but papa told me last night we won’t go back home anymore”
M:”he said we won’t go back home until we ended our vacation here, don’t worry ok, you should enjoy your time here”



On the third day destin and rene got cold from their nainai who was got vold and fever 😢 I gave destin extra dose of vitamin c and it worked. Rene had fever and we decided to give her drops paracetamol. So glad that she is recovered a day before we go back to Jekardah.

On the flight to Jekardah Destin got his first own seat on plane, but he prefered to sit and sleep on papa’s lap. Rene was sleeping for hours before we took off and woke up once the plane took off. At first I was worry she would be cranky during the flight, but i was wrong…she was so happy that she keeps laughing and smiling during the flight. I am a blessed mama!


35 mos Destin


Can’t believe he will turn 3 next month. Sometimes i feel like: who is this? where does my little baby boy go?

He is blossoming into this young boy. He is now dare to talk to stranger, and do some physical activities he used to be afraid of to do alone.

Few days ago, for the first time in his life he got his hair cutted and he didn’t cry like he used to.

But now he is also more aware of everything. He now understand many things we thought he didn’t. Never underestimate a kid, they are much smarter than we thought. We are often surprised to hear him saying things that we thought he did’nt know.

We are more than glad to be able to witness your every milestones and development. May we are able to raise you to be a good, kind and caring person. We love you so son, enjoy your last month as a 2 years old ❤

CNY 2016



First cny as a family of four. First cny for destin with a lil sister. This is also the  first cny for baby rene. She wore this mini cheongsam that specially made by her nainai.


We went to our relatives house to gather and celebrate the new year. Destin was so excited as he said he loves cny because there are lots of cookies and cakes. Lucky that he didn’t care about the angpao 😂


Happy monkey year everyone ❤