The one with Destin

3yo and 1m destin

conversation #1 was in the car when we were going out and not far away from home i don’t put Destin in his car seat. So he stood up instead of sat down and i told him to sit down.
D: why i have to sit down? because stand up is fun
M: i knew stand up on the car seems to be fun, however it is dangerous, you can bump your head.
D: so when you were little did you stand up on the car?
M: yes i did but then i bumped my head, that’s why i don’t want that to happen to you.
D: If i have celebrated many many birthdays and getting older i will scold the little you for standing up in the car.


Conversation #2

M: destin, mama wants to tell you that you are not our son…you are son of other people.
D: *hug me immediately* no mama..I want to be you and papa’s son.
M: why?
D: because you are so beautiful and papa is so handsome and dd rene is so beautiful.



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