Nine mos Rene


She is 9 mos now. My lil tiny newborn is a 9 mos baby. How time flies…please don’t grow up to fast my baby girl.

She is a pro in cruising around the house. Standing up on her own for few seconds and start to imitate some gestures like waving bye bye.


She does not need warm water anymore for bathing. And also no longer using her baby bathtub. She loves to take bath with her brother hiahia Destin. She found it super fun to splash the water.


This lil ms. curious also super curious at toys that being played by her brother. The best part is we don’t have to buy her new toys since we already have some from Destin. But Destin often feel annoyed by her baby sister when she insisted to grab the toys he is playing. But there are also times when destin are willing to share with her.  And it is so heartwarming to see they two play together.


She loves to see us eating and will be super excited to try whatever we eat. But she hates baby foods. So I let her eat with us by giving her small bites of fruits or unseasoned meals i cooked for us at home.

She is also able to climb up the stairs and will show us this happy face as if she wants to say “see i did it” 😂 This lil ms.curious is our lil energizer bunny ❤


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