Two was when you…

Welcomed your baby sister, Rene, adapting with big change of life that you were no longer the center of our attention. We realize it should be no piece of cake for you to adjust with this new chapter. Until now you still on this hate and love relationship with baby Rene..but it’s ok because i think you are doing great and i believe you’ll be a great brother for her.

Being diaper-free (except for night sleeping time). You did it very well. Mama is so proud of you.

Being weaned from breastfeeding. This was bitter sweet moment that i will never forget for the rest of my life. So glad that i am able to breastfeed you that so long and wean you with love.

Starts to question every thing. when i say every thing i mean every single thing. you will keep on asking us what-how and why on every thing. You are Mr. super duper curious.


2 big changes you have to adapt when you were 2 years old: sharing our love with your lil sister and let go your fav breastfeeding time. The truth is I am the one that missing you so bad.

It was bitter and sweet moment for me and your papa to watch you and Rene growing up day by day, knowing that one day there will be time we have to let you& Rene go ,taking step toward being good adult. Until that day come we hope we are able to guide you, be your shelter and be your best friends to walk and grow with you and Rene.

Happy Third birthday my little sonshine. You will always be my little man. Mama and papa love you so much.


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