Hometown Trip 2016

(12.02) This is our annual hometown trip. This is the first time for baby rene to take airplane and go to pontianak. So glad destin is always being cooperative when dealing with airplane trips, so does Rene.

At the first night Destin started to ask when will we go back home because he wants to sleep at his room. His papa told him we are having vacation here and will not going back to jakarta in few days. He cried but then fell to sleep. In the morning when i took him to poo he had this very concerned face and asked me:
D: “mama is that true we won’t be able to go back home?”
M: “of course we can go back home”
D: “but papa told me last night we won’t go back home anymore”
M:”he said we won’t go back home until we ended our vacation here, don’t worry ok, you should enjoy your time here”



On the third day destin and rene got cold from their nainai who was got vold and fever 😢 I gave destin extra dose of vitamin c and it worked. Rene had fever and we decided to give her drops paracetamol. So glad that she is recovered a day before we go back to Jekardah.

On the flight to Jekardah Destin got his first own seat on plane, but he prefered to sit and sleep on papa’s lap. Rene was sleeping for hours before we took off and woke up once the plane took off. At first I was worry she would be cranky during the flight, but i was wrong…she was so happy that she keeps laughing and smiling during the flight. I am a blessed mama!



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