first week


sunbathing myself and one week baby rene

Baby Rene is officially one week. Can’t believe it was a week ago when i had c section. The second and gonna be the last c-section i had in my life. I am a bit blue to think this is the last newborn i’m going to take care. And no more visit to obgyn to see the bun growing in my tummy.


That is my obgyn, dr.andrew setiawan. He is very nice as i trusted him to help me to deliver my son and daughter.

I am also a bit blue to see how destin is on the process of accepting his lil sister. He was adjusting with the fact that now he is not the only center of attention. He’s been the center of our attention for these almost 27months and he is only a two years old toddler. I try my best to understand his behaviour since we bring rene home. He started to wake up in the middle of the night looking for me to nurse him. I believe this weird new habit will be gone once he adjusted with everything that seems new for him. I am also so proud to see how he tries his best to love his lil sister. I really miss him as we have been together like always for these almost 27months. I miss to take care of him like the days before Rene came. But i also have to take care of baby Rene. These few days are hard for me that sometimes i do crying. I guess this mostly caused by the post delievery hormon T.T Being parents are never ending lessons. Thank you son for teaching us many lessons of life.


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