20mos sonshine


Sometimes i wonder it must be a good karma or God loves us too much to have a happy & healthy son like you. I thought we will teach you many things about life when you came into our life. The truth is you are teaching us many things about life. We are learning many things about life we never thought are exist before. The joy, the fear, and grateful feeling for every single simple things about you. 

You know the letters from A-Z (small and big cap) , and numbers of 1-10 You are a fast learner. You now can sing some songs completely. We always love to hear you sing and talking, trying to explain things to us.

This month you got a good appetite. You gain weight and i am so so glad for that.

You love to dance and run now. I guess you think walking is just to slow for you.

I’m about to wean you and will surely wean you with love. No drama, but i will reduce the “nenen time” each day. I though i would be happy but i was wrong. I hate to think one day you dont  need to nenen anymore. It does brake my heart because i love our nenen time so much. But i know this is the right time to start to wean you slowly. We are amazed how you are so understanding and cooperative that you now only ask me to nurse everytime you wake up and about to sleep. Thank you littleman…mama and papa loves you to the moon and back


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