16 mos


We are amazed with littleman’s talking skills, how he would try to imitate whatever he heard. He now can talk not only one simple word but now he can combine 2 or 3 simple words.


This little man also got good sense of humor. He never fail to amuse us with his silly and cute actions and talks. I never knew how a little child could have this sense of humor like him and i’m glad little man is growing from a happy baby to this cheerful toddler.


He is also a fast learner as we are amazed how he now know the letter ABC and how he knows the differences between letter and number. He would say letters he found as “AB” and number as “tuta” He’s also loves to pay attention on shapes especially star and moon 🙂

The happiest thing for me should be how littleman got his appetite back. He now can ask for “mama…mamam” “mama…duduk” which means he wants to eat and sit on his high chair. I’m so happy that i’ve been waiting for this moment since he started his solids. But this also means i have to make sure to prepare good and healthy food for him.

Littleman loves to eat in small portion and do it by himself. So i do baby-led-weaning on him and i’m glad it works really well for both of us. I feel less pressure on feeding him and he also finished his meal happily. This BLW thing is really genius 🙂


His favorite time of the day should be on the afternoon when i ask him to water the garden. He’s so excited to play the water that he will say it as “tutu” (means water) and he will say it as “rain” I’m glad you do love outdoor activities, littleman. Sometimes gou gou ase also take us to the city park. This is also our fav thing to do on the afternoon 🙂


We are living in this country where safe and comfortable outdoor activities are so limited. but I promise i will do my best to let you do outdoor activities as much as we could provide. I do hope you will fall in love with the nature and natural live like i do recently.


I hope i am raising you right my son. I want you to know how me and your papa treasure every moment spent with you and how it is hard for us to remember that basically all parents are raising their children to let them go someday. We are so glad we don’t miss a thing until today. Thank you God for this healthy and happy little man you sent to our lives.


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