5 Months


My baby boy is 5mos and 3weeks now. I really love how he is blossomed to a happy baby now. He loves to smile and laugh at everything, even to the weirdest things and jokes. He is babbling a lot now and become more expressive.

Unlike the previous months, now he can easily fall to sleep. We don’t even have to rock him to sleep anymore. His sleeping time is more organized now. It is a good news indeed because it means I can do things while he is sleeping.

I never regret my decision not to use a nanny to help me to take care of him. Taking care a baby is NOT easy at all. I will always remember how exhausted i was when i brought him back from the hospital. Only me and hubby, a mommy and daddy with no any experience and clue about how to take care a baby. I even didn’t do confinement like most asian women do. However, I’m so grateful to have this chance to take care of him. I really cherish this moment called motherhood. Time spent with family is so priceless.

Let me enjoy these few last days before he starts his solid food. I’m counting down the days now. Please wish this momma good luck as she’s trying to be a good chef for her little man 🙂


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