What Does Matter

It was year ago when I decided to quit my job. I applied many companies and got some good job offers, but I finally decided to help bf to run his business. I was hesitating at first to think about what other people impression. It really irritates me when people think I don’t have to work and I got financial help from other source. While I’ve been an independent woman and I hope will always be.

Then I realized bf need someone trustworthy to help him at that time. So here I am. It’s been like a year and I’m still learning how to handle everything well. I got no idea how uneasy a leadership is, I lost my weight like 3kgs to adjust with the working atmosphere here. That makes me respect bf more, how he got this quality of leadership really impress me. This company ain’t a family business. He started everything from nothing. I learned many things here. I don’t care anymore about other people impression cause people who know me well know that I am still who I am 🙂