Free Resolution'09

I’m not a good planner and I can easily forget my resolution. Well, I actually forget ALL things easily 😀 Let see what I got as my resolutions for 2009:

  • saving up!
  • go on vacation, at least once and do more outdoor activities for god sake!
  • know new nice people, at least meet my blogging friends! 🙂
  • start French lesson, this can wait actually :p
  • start to cook, anyone can cook!
  • love my job or find the job I love
  • get enough sleep EVERYDAY
  • Learning to give more & expect less

I think that’s all. Sounds simple, no big things such as to get scholarship abroad or move to France kinda thing included there, but who knows I change my mind or if the universe makes me do other big things 😀 good luck & cheers for me 🙂


9 thoughts on “Free Resolution'09

  1. kurang satu tuh resolusi nya,,,,,

    kasih tene duit yang dia inginkan,,,”dalam jumlah yang lo masih mampu”…..kekekekekekekee

    gutlak cia,,,,kekekekekeke

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