Nu Year Nu Room

Yipee! 1st post in 2009 😀 Finally I made it to the new place,  located really close to a mal in west jkt. Buddy-Liam helped a lot to introduce me to the new environment, introduced me about where to eat to the frightening stories about how risky this area is for a young&gorgeous girl like me to walk alone at night. Great buddy, thank you for scaring me! My roommate, cousin Yen is still in our hometown , enjoying her semester break until this end of Jan, while I’m here on my own moving our stuffs to the new place.  What a  loyal roommate I got! T__T


this is what happen if your roommate is a hello kitty freak O_o

Today is the second day being in the new place and finally almost all of the stuffs been put the right place. I also found out the i-net connection here is better than in the previous place. cool, may this new better place become a good new beginning for us!:)


8 thoughts on “Nu Year Nu Room

  1. wahhhh,,,,tempat barunya looks very nice,,,,huehueheuhue,,,btw,,,jangan sering2 nyalain laptop diatas kasur,,,,soalnye menghambat jalur keluarnya panas laptop,,,kalo bisa tatakin something,,,kaya papan yang flat,,,baru taro diatas kasur,,,or u can buy laptop cooler yang ada kipasnya,,,baru taro diatas kasur,,,,,biar awet neng,,,,

    soalnye banyak cases yang laptopnye tiba2 mati,,karena overheat,,,dan ngerusak sistem kipas laptop,,,dan juga debu2 nda bisa keluar,,,kekekekekekkee

    hati2 ye ditempat baru,,,lu kan young and georgeus,,,wakakakakakakakak,,,,:P

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