End of Year: 'Expecting' the Best :)

This weekend I went to my uncle’s home gathered with grandma to celebrate Dongzhi. My Grandma cooked tons of food and yi for us.

Yesterday (21/12) was also bday of sister Bee, a new mom to be. We just found out she’s been expecting for 3 sweeks, which means I will welcome 2 babies in 2009 coz my sister Deny is also expecting. 2009 will be a busy year for my mom. Happy Mother’s day, God bless all moms & moms-to-be 🙂

PS: Happy 29th bday sister Bee! All the best for the next chapter of your life :*


5 thoughts on “End of Year: 'Expecting' the Best :)

  1. Wah, you and sis look great, cuteee… 🙂
    Wow sis bee got good present ya this year, marriage and will soon be mom. 🙂 Congrats and GBU and fam..
    May joy fulfilling your days for the year ahead..

  2. hoo .. kalo gw nyebutnya yenpan . gila gw doyan abis , bisa makan bermangkOk2 tuhh , mwehehehe

    happy birthday to your sis , and merry christmas ^0^

    blog-nya gw link yaa , thanx

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