Yesterday, at the office when I was about to go back home my handsome, 20-something eligible bachelor Japanese ex-boss called me:

K-San: I want to invite you the grand opening of our restaurant on this next monday, but if you can’t make it then plz let me know then I will arrange another day and you can eat there for free.

Me: for free?

K- San: Of coz, this is to thank you for helping me to find tablewares we need for the restaurant. It was a big help for me, make sure when you can come, ok!

I shouldn’t say no to handsome ex-boss free food! :p


At night my friend called:

D: Sorry I haven’t called you because I was so busy to prepare my wedding. I want to share some profit from tablewares that your ex boss bought from me.

Me: you mean like commission? really, you don’t have to

D: yup, that is a must and you should consider to take this business more seriously, I hope you will help me again next time

Yipeee again 🙂

After months, I even have forgotten what has happened between them. Must be my lucky day! 🙂 rezeki emang ga kemana yak! 😀


5 thoughts on “2Calls-me-Lucky

  1. mos burger beneran buka di jakarta ya??????
    gua menanti bertaun2 biar mos buka di jakarta tapi gak buka2… tiap kali sampe kayak orang kesurupan makan mos kalo pas ke singapur doang.

    giliran gua udah gak di indo, eh mos nya buka… keterlaluan sekali!!!

  2. huwaa…. MOS BURGER buka di indo???? di Plaza Senayan yah kalo ga salah.. (lgsg googling) hehehe…

    asik..asik… slurpp… =p~

    er.. free foodnya bole bawa teman gak ci? hehehe… 😀

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