Long Weekend

Saturday (6/12): from bitter to sweet

Went to the bank to do something and then went to manggoduo to check the notebook (again). It was the 2nd time I must go back to the store after this case.  Great! 😦

At night I met the girls. Evelyn picked me up and we met Ratna in Jakarta theater. Seems like Ratna thought about to have burger in BK, but we crave for better food and I was so enough of burger these few days since my boss always came up at lunch time and got us this big mac time. We decided to eat at Chili’s which also had burger so she could have her burger and we could have something else. Good food and great companion, these girls really made my day

Sunday (7/10): lazy day

Just stay at the boarding house, go to the traditional market with aunt Hoei Hoei and bought some vegetables & fruits. The price is really friendly there. I even met some kepo but funny uncles & aunts, thing you might not find in the modern market :)Aunt Hoei Hoei managed to buy lot of stuff there. She cooked and of course I was there to help her to eat :p I did nothing special, just took a long nap and then woke up to finish one of three books I bought few days ago when there was a sale at gramed-book store.

Monday (8/10): Public Holiday

Just stay at the boarding house again, spending the day by cleaning the room, washing tons of my clothes, browsing for some jobs on the internet and watching Ugly-Betty and HIMYM season 4, episodes 5&6, the latest episodes I could get, can’t wait for the next episodes! Thanks to YZ, now I’m addicted to HIMYM 😀

At night cousin aYen came and told me about new better place she found near her campus, dare to move? let’s see 🙂


5 thoughts on “Long Weekend

  1. oooo merk laptopnya t*shiba yah…semua merk laptop ternyata bisa aja kena masalah padaha baru dibeli… T_T D*ll temen g jg ga mo hidup kemaren…mana lagi merantau begini sama kayak g…nasib oh nasib…

    • @Epi: ikutan yuk pi! 🙂

      @YZ: setujuuu…. that’s what I’m learning and I learn it well from u! 🙂

      @sanzz: wah sama yah, toss donc…iya niy, temen gw juga ada yg baru beli s*ny v*io juga gitu T___T tapi gw masi mending ya ga nun jauh disana

      @fanny: as if I am that bizi hihihi….

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