Days without IC

My Identity Card expired on my bday several days ago. Mom said I must wait until around December to renew it because the document needed to renew our IC will be revised and done in December. I’m not quite sure I can wait for  that long because IC is required for important things. Having no choice, now I only depend on a copy of my passport and guarantee letter from my company in case there is razia KTP, operasi yustisi  kinda thing.

This is the first time since I’m > 17 I have no valid IC on my wallet. I really feel lost and alone without valid ID card… :p




7 thoughts on “Days without IC

  1. eh gw kelewatan ya… CIA… HAPPY BELATED B’DAY!!!

    duuuh… maap nih telat banget kasih selametnya 🙂

    btw, ati2 gak bawa KTP. apalagi abis lebaran gini suka ada razia. cepetan diurus 🙂

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