Turns 24

23 was when I:

  • did my very first trip abroad on my own. It was only to Singapore for a day and as a part of job I must do but I was glad enough to do it for free (ah, ndesooo.. :p)
  • welcomed baby Max, my 2nd nephew. The 2nd son of my Sis.
  • moved to wordpress (used to blog at blogspot before).
  • met blogging pals: Yenni, Natalinus & Anung for the first time.
  • got a short hair cut after those few years of having long hair.
  • almost got serious health problem called by gejala Tipes. Thanks God for reminding me how precious health is.
  • went back home for a week and found it’s hard to leave my beloved family

Well not so many big things I’ve done during my 23 but I’m so grateful that I’ve been granted 1 more years to go through many things & to have such a great people surrounding me in my simple life. Time really flies, cannot believe I’m a 24-year-old silly girl woman now. God’s been good to me 🙂

Every day’s a new day!


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